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My cat is like some of my exes.

  1. He’s always running off with some other woman.
  2. He gets pissed off at me when I don’t pay enough attention to him and then will ignore me.
  3. He bites and scratches.
  4. He bugs the shit out of me when I’m trying to sleep.
  5. He hates the newspaper and books.
  6. He would rather play with himself than do anything with me.
  7. He is far more interested in his personal hygiene and appearance than I am – and I’m pretty damn picky.
  8. He has terrible gas, a major case of halitosis, and likes to fart in bed.
  9. He has tiny little balls.
  10. He is incredibly skinny but eats a fucking ton.

(I also changed my layout on this thing. I couldn’t look at the blue and green any more. I’m considering moving to another server because I hate not being able to customize my layout.)


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The end is near! (Well, not if you believe Stephen Hawking.)

Some fear debut of powerful atom-smasher



Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated with black holes. I used to have nightmares about one randomly appearing on earth and sucking me up. At seven, I had the brilliant idea of shipping all of the planet’s garbage to a black hole and just dumping it in, like a giant trash compactor. (One day the government will discover my idea, and they will name a junior high after me.)
Within the past few years, I’ve learned about the awesome things about black holes, such as the event horizon and spaghettification. I’ve become really interested in physics, but in the terms of a layman who can grasp the concept and the facts and theories around it, but cannot completely wrap my head around the whole idea.
I’m incredibly excited about the collider. Scientists are hoping to see dark matter and dark energy, and maybe even other dimensions. Even if nothing happens, the idea that we might is amazing. This thing could prove or disprove so many theories and change our view of the world.
Then again, it might just create a black hole, and we’ll all be spaghettified. In which case, they’d better not turn it on until after my birthday.
Stephen Hawking predicted that micro black holes would instantly disappear, but this is the guy whose solution to the information loss paradox was that the information was lost in black holes, but retained in universes without black holes. And then the other physicists giggled and drank punch.

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