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Friday Finds – week 44, 2008.

I accidentally missed a few weeks. For some reason I can never remember when it’s Friday. This week’s post will be short because I have to go buy my Halloween costume!

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More reasons to be overwhelmed.

I am doing something horribly ambitious next month.

I have decided to attempt NaNoWriMo for a second time, and today I decided to also try NaBloPoMo (does anyone besides me read that as “Nan blow po’ mo'” as in Nan gives oral sex to needy people? No?).

Insert image depicting FAIL.

If you are doing either, let me know or add me as a friend. I’m here and here. Let’s fail together.

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Fact: Horror movies are better than reality shows.

My 30 favorite horror movies!

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Friday Finds – week 41, 2008.

I’ve been wanting to start doing Friday Finds again — mostly because I’m bored. So… ta da!

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