It’s kinda true.

Conversation between my youngest sister and I:

Her: “You know who’s bigger than a house, bigger than a giant?”
Me: “No, who?”
Her: “God!”
Me: “Aw!”
Her: “Know who’s bigger than God?”
Me: “No, who?”
Her: “Santa.”


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I already voted early about a week or two ago, which somewhat eases my mind — I don’t feel as stressed as I would if I had to find a ride to the polls. Besides which, I was eager to get out and cast my vote for one of the first politicians I’ve felt very passionately about since I turned 18 in 2001 — Barack Obama.

Now, that’s who I voted for, but…

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I have to run and don’t know if I’ll be back by midnight, so I will leave you with this gem:

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NaBloPoMo already blows.

I was about to get in bed, thinking it was past midnight and I had already failed NaBloPoMo, and then I remembered that we “fell back” an hour.

I wrote about 70 words today for NaNoWriMo. I really hope this isn’t the beginning of a rut. My creativity (as well as my energy, motivation, and optimism) runs out in about October every year, and I really don’t feel like doing anything until at least after Christmas. I think a lot of it has to do with the change in the weather and the fact that my mood tends to be lower every winter. I used to be able to write when I was depressed; in high school I wrote at least a poem a day all through the fall and winter.

I’m long out of practice, which is probably the main reason I’m forcing myself to write. I don’t feel the words flowing through my fingertips as I used to, or have the need to draw or even webdesign in order to feel somewhat creatively satiated. I’ve starved myself of the arts over the past seven or so years, and now creating anything is a chore that I have no motivation to do. I can no longer pick up an ebony pencil or piece of charcoal and draw still lifes — something that makes my mood sink even lower.

Hopefully giving myself a set goal will break down this wall inside of me that is blocking the things I love best and the things that I’ve always felt represent the best side of me.

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First day of NaBloPoMo.


I’m glad October is over. Instead of trying to fit into a cutesie costume, I can now focus all my energies on getting nice and fat for the winter.

Last night I was thinking of that I’d like to go back twelve years and tell my thirteen-year-old self, “When you are twenty-five, you will dress up as Courtney Love for Halloween, go to a show with your sister (who you don’t hate anymore, by the way), and actually not be an outcast.

But you’ll still be single and unemployed, so, uh, maybe it’s time to quit sucking at algebra? Your whole life depends on your ability to find x. YOUR WHOLE LIFE.”

Come to think of it, there was a teacher who told me one time that if I didn’t stop crying I would never get a husband (I had missed my bus, and didn’t know how I’d get home). Who knows what else in school affected my life — incorrect usage of “whom” may be the reason I got sinus infections all through high school, writing notes in science class may be the whole reason for the current economic situation.

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Friday Finds – week 44, 2008.

I accidentally missed a few weeks. For some reason I can never remember when it’s Friday. This week’s post will be short because I have to go buy my Halloween costume!

(Click on the “read on” link below to see more…)

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More reasons to be overwhelmed.

I am doing something horribly ambitious next month.

I have decided to attempt NaNoWriMo for a second time, and today I decided to also try NaBloPoMo (does anyone besides me read that as “Nan blow po’ mo'” as in Nan gives oral sex to needy people? No?).

Insert image depicting FAIL.

If you are doing either, let me know or add me as a friend. I’m here and here. Let’s fail together.

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